About Us

Paul and Tiffany Henderson of BarreSafe, Twinkle Star Dance and Tiffany's Dance Academy

We are Paul and Tiffany Henderson and we own and operate dance studios. We service over 2,000 dancers at our seven Tiffany's Dance Academy locations in Northern California. We also consult with thousands of studios across the USA, Canada and Australia through our company Twinkle Star Dance and we host an annual conference for dance educators each summer.

The Coronavirus pandemic caused us to rethink everything from scheduling, to how dancers enter and exit our studios, to how we sanitize our floors and even how we purify our air. We know that pretty much, the only things you touch in a ballet class are the floor and the barres, and maybe other dancers.

With the help of our dancers, fellow studio owners, students and professional dancers, we created BarreSafe® to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our studios, as well as yoga and barre studios and even gyms.

Don't risk catching or spreading illnesses by touching a ballet barre or elliptical machine handle with your bare hands.

Tiffany also created the adorable Twinkle Star Cases for our dancers attending classes at our studios. Now, more than ever before, providing our dancers with fun props and an amazing curriculum is the most important thing we can do as studio owners to retain our customers during the pandemic.